Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Economical Heated Hoses - Extra Flexible

The heated hoses below are our economy line. They have lower temperature ratings and more flexible than our higher temp hoses. If you are not sure how to order, please call and we will be happy to assist you.

Design your heated hose to fit your application with our custom heated hose order form.

Choose the following options while ordering your heated hose:

  • Hose Length
  • Voltage Termination
  • Watts per ft.
  • Power lead length
  • Type J or K Thermocoupler
  • Sensor Location
  • Optional Sensor Plugs
  • Sensor lead length
  • Fittings

If you're having trouble deciding on your heated hose requirements or application, you can call us to order over the phone.

Heated hoses require a 2-3 week time frame to build and test your hose. We will contact you to confirm your order before we build them.


  • PTFE Heated Hose - Braided Polyester Cover - 221F/105C
  • PTFE Heated Hose - Braided Polyester Cover - 302F/150C