Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Grounded Heavy Insulated Heat Tapes


  • Patented grounded heater increases safety and meets NEC 427.23
  • Rapid thermal response.
  • Maximum exposure temperatures up to 482oF (250oC)
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications including heating laboratory apparatus, gas tubing, temporary heat, and valves.
  • Exceptional flexibility and durability
  • Wide range of sizes Includes 9" (230mm) long high temperature tie downs for easy installation


  • Fiberglass knitted and braided construction
  • Multi-stranded resistance wire for increased durability and flexibility
  • Polyimide film wrapped fiberglass knitted and braided construction
  • Double braided outer sheath cover
  • Power density: 9.6 watts/in2 (0.015 watts/mm2)
  • Suitable for electrical conductive surfaces
  • 120 or 240VAC
  • 24" (610mm) power leads with 3-wire bare wire connection

Temperature controller required