Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Heat Tape & Cord

Heat tape is for applications where smaller cylindrical sections require high power densities and/or high temperatures. Heat tape is different from heat trace cable, and we carry both, so if your not sure what you need for your specific application, please call us at 615-834-4044 before ordering.

The biggest difference between heat tape and heat trace cable is that heat tape is sold in fixed lengths, and we sell it from 2' to 20' in length depending on the type you order.

Heat tape is available in 120V and 240V versions, with power ranging from 52W to 3,135W, and comes in widths ranging from 1/2" to 3-1/4".

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  • Silicone Rubber Heat Tape - Up to 450 Degrees
  • Standard Fiberglass Heat Tape - Up to 900 Degrees
  • High Temp Fiberglass Heat Tape - Up to 1400 Degrees
  • Heating Cords
  • Insulated Pipe Jackets