Flexible Tube Heaters

Flexible tubular heaters can be manually bent in all three directions.

Flexible tubular heaters make the heating of complex platens, shapes, and machines, possible. Flexible tubular heaters  are completely flexible, and may be shaped at will. Around pipes, along platen paths, and other challenging shapes. Excellent replacements for traditional tubular heaters, which are not flexible and most can be custom made in most cases.

Simplify your machine design, or reduce the maintenance time and cost by using our flexible tubular heaters.

  • Easy installation with a uniform finish
  • Can be formed by hand
  • Stored in a straight condition to save storage space
  • No special installation tools required
  • Up to 75% sheath contact with round and square hotflex heaters
  • Rapid heat-up times
  • Minimal temperature difference between heater sheath and heated tool
  • 3-dimensional groove geometry possible
  • Industry’s smallest bending radius
  • Flexibility enables heat to be located where it is needed, an improvement over cartridge heaters
  • Reduced energy costs, so tool mass can be reduced

Flexible tube heater

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