Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Control Panels

We design and build custom temperature control assemblies and can design a controller for your heating application.

For industrial and process heating, our controllers can handle multiple zones, temperature settings and sensors.

For local indication of process valve and setpoint. Control methods include on/off, PID, self-tune and manual tune. This controller offers advanced control features for the most demanding temperature or process application. Panels are completely assembled, pre-tested and pre-wired in a Nema 12 polyester enclosure.

From a simple temperature controller, to an entire manufacturing facility, we can design and build a custom control panel for you.

  • Heat Trace Control Panels
  • Hazardous Area Heat Trace Controller
  • Economy & Outdoor Heat Trace Panels
  • Heat Trace Power Distribution Panels
  • Heat Trace Control Panel Sensors
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Contactor Switching Control Panels
  • SSR Power Control Panels
  • Variable Power Controllers
  • Portable Controllers
  • Laboratory & Hot Runner Control Panels
  • Thermocouples