Melt Pressure Products

Heating Elements Plus stocks accurate and reliable measurement and control equipment for plastic extrusion and blow mold processing.

We can supply you with Melt Pressure Transducers that are compatible with competitor's models giving you flexibility and saving you money. We offer them in Fluid Filled, Pushrod design, and for Food Grade applications.

Our Transmitters lead the industry with interchangeability with competitor's products, standard 6-pin connectors, and come in either Mercury filled, Mercury Free, Fluid Filled or NaK filled for Food Grade use and will work flawlessly with just a 0.5% combined error and 80% Output Calibration.

For monitoring your injection or blow mold operations, we carry a complete line of digital and mechanical Melt Pressure Gauges. Both come with standard Thread (1/2-20UNF) and have large, easy to read displays.

Our line of Melt Pressure Indicators/Alarms come in either a 1/8 DIN, or 1/4 DIN configuration, and both have 350 ohm Strain Gauge Inputs and they are completely scalable. The Dual Pressure and Temperature model comes with a 1/4 DIN configuration.

Digital Pressure Meters can attach to any Strain Gauge Transducer and features a large 5-Digit display.

We also carry a complete line of Melt Pressure Accessories including Extruder Rupture Discs.

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