Melt Pressure Transmitters

Melt Pressure Transmitters are ideal for monitoring industrial pressures in a variety of situations. All of the Transmitters are interchangeable with competitor's equipment, saving you money. Standard on all models is a Standard Diaphragm INCONEL.
The MT-High Accuracy Melt Pressure Transmitter comes in either a fluid filled or pushrod design, and has unparalleled accuracy of 0.5% / 0.25% combined error. It has an 80% Output Verification and an operating temperature of 750 degrees F (400 C).
The MN-Narrow Space Melt Pressure Transmitter has all the features of the MT series with a few exceptions to allow it to fit in tighter areas while still maintaining its accuracy.
Our MF-Food Grade Melt Pressure Transmitter features a food grade fluid fill that is designed for long-term stability, giving you accurate peace of mind in a food grade environment. This design still maintains its 0.5% / 0.25% combined error accuracy like our other transmitters and has a Standard 4-20mA output (opt 0-5,1-5,0-10VDC).
If you are looking for a pushrod design with a food grade certification, our MR-Pushrod-No Fill Series is ideally suited. It maintains the same characteristics as the MF - Food Grade Melt Pressure Transmitter but has a higher operating temperature of 1000 degrees F (538 C).
When you need a food grade, fluid filled transmitter, you will want our MK-NaK Fill Food Grade Series. It is made with the same quality as our other transmitters, but has a NaK fluid fill instead of the pushrod design.

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