Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Heat Trace Cable

Heat Trace Cable, sometimes called heat tape or heating cable, is used for multiple applications. Sometimes these terms are confusing, so be sure you are ordering the correct item for your application. We stock several varieties of heat tape if you determine that none of the products below is what you are looking for.

The most common use is for freeze protection of water and drain lines, and for protecting residential and commercial roofs and gutters from ice dams. For freeze protection, you will want a low to medium temperature, self-regulating, heat trace cable. The temperature rating is for the heat cable's outer jacket and has nothing to do with the actual temperature of the cable. For most residential applications, you will choose the low temperature cable, as most water lines in the home never exceed 150 degrees. We stock cable by the foot and everything you need for installation, or you can buy complete kits for your roof and gutter projects. Pre-terminated cables are also available for sections of pipe up to 100 feet long. These kits are recommended for the do it yourself homeowner, or for smaller commercial applications.

The constant wattage heat trace cable is more commonly used for process heating and velocity flow control of heavier materials like wax, honey and other viscos material. Constant wattage can be used for freeze protection, but this is more common in commercial plants and large-scale piping projects. Constant wattage cable requires a temperature controller or it will burn itself out due to its high heat ability. Our constant wattage heat trace cable can be used in corrosive environments and up to maximum temperature ratings up to 797 degrees.

You will also find that we have heat trace cable that's safe to use on PVC or PEX water and drain lines, heat cable that can run on 12 or 24-volt dc, and heat trace cable for fire suppression sprinkler systems and hot water maintenance. Just choose from the categories below to order, or call us if you need help.

  • Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable
  • Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cable
  • Pre-Terminated Self-Regulated Heat Cable
  • Pre-Terminated Self-Regulated Industrial Heat Cable
  • UL Approved Roof & Gutter Cable
  • PVC & PEX Pipe - Heat Trace Cable
  • 12 & 24 Volt Self-Regulating Cable
  • Hot Water Maintenance & Sprinkler Cable
  • Snow Melting Mats & Controllers
  • Heat Trace Cable Accessories