Insulated Jackets

UniVests are a removable/reusable pipe & equipment insulation jackets. UniVest is an ideal way for plastics processors to reduce their plant energy costs, protect employees from the hazards of hot equipment, and lower the plants’ ambient air temperatures.

The idea behind equipment insulation jackets is simple. Keep the heat in the machine where it belongs, spend less money on electricity. Enjoy the fringe benefits of personnel protection and a much cooler facility.

Insulation jackets provide a low-cost solution for reducing energy costs, and shortening start-up time between jobs by retaining heat inside barrels, extruders, dies and hoses. This will lower the ambient temperature in your facility, and lower the overhead cost for equipment operations and air conditioning.

Delivers increased control of process temperature to enhance production capacity, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep equipment running at high temperatures.

Rated up to 900 Degrees F

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