Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Drum Heaters

Drum, Barrel, and Pail Heaters provide practical, efficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control and temperature maintenance of materials within drums, barrels, and pails. A variety of standard sizes and configure-to-order designs are available to meet a variety of applications.


  • Freeze Protection
  • Viscosity Control
  • Temperature Maintenance
  • Melting of solids
  • Biofuel/Biodiesel
  • Heat Contents to required temperature
  • Thermal Mixing
  • Immersion Drum Heater
  • Digitally Controlled Clamshell Drum Heaters
  • Standard Duty Drum Heaters
  • Heavy Duty Drum Heaters
  • Full Coverage Drum Heaters
  • Insulated Metal Case
  • Clam Shell Drum Heaters
  • Base Heaters
  • Horizontal Drum Heaters
  • Hazardous Area Drum Heaters
  • Explosion Proof Drum Heaters
  • Thermosafe Flexible Heating Jackets