Explosion Proof Drum Heaters

Designed to heat 55 gallon drums or smaller steel vessels. The Thermosafe is a single induction coil, wholly encapsulated cylinder made from a glass reinforced resin specifically developed for chemical plants. The cylinder is simply placed over the drum. Physical contact is not required.

The coil is connected to a single phase AC mains supply and generates heat directly and uniformly in the drum wall. Energy transfer is by alternating magnetic field and thus there is no heat transfer by the conventional and inefficient means of radiation or convection. As there are no hot elements, the heater remains substantially cooler than the drum being heated.


The complete absence of hot elements in our Induction Heaters, plus the encapsulation of all electrical components enables unattended use, overnight if required. Can be used in hazardous areas Zones 1 and 2, as the heaters possess both ATEX and IECEx certification from SIRA. Uniform heating without hot spots reduces the risk of product degradation. Accidental spillage does not present a fire hazard and personnel can work comfortably in close proximity. Together, these features allow material to be heated at point of use, eliminating the transport of hot drums.

With no heating elements and no moving parts, the units have virtually unlimited life, and no maintenance is required. 

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