Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cable

Constant wattage heat trace cable is more commonly used for process heating and velocity flow control of heavier materials like wax, honey and other viscos material. Constant wattage can be used for freeze protection, but this is more common in commercial plants and large-scale piping projects. Constant wattage cable requires a temperature controller or it will burn itself out due to its high heat ability. Our constant wattage heat trace cable can be used in corrosive environments and up to maximum temperature ratings up to 797 degrees.


Need help selecting the correct constant-wattage heat cable? 

  • General Purpose - Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cable
  • Harsh Environment - Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cable
  • General Purpose - FE
  • Harsh Environment Cable - KE
  • Polyimide and Fiberglass - KM
  • High Temperature Heat Cable - KK
  • Ultra High Temp Cable (to 545F)
  • Max Temp Cable (to 797F)
  • FE Connection/Termination Kits
  • KE, KM, KK Connection/Termination Kits
  • Ultra High Temp Connection Kits
  • ThermoSoft Ultra Flexible Heat Cable