Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Max Temp Cable (to 797F)

PowerHeat AHT is a unique patented, high power, high temperature, high mechanical strength constant wattage heating cable that can be used for freeze protection and temperature maintainance of pipework and vessels. Its maximum temperature of 797°F makes it the highest temperature rated cut to length heating cable in the world.

PowerHeat AHT has an aluminium outer jacket giving it the highest mechanical strength.

PowerHeat AHT can be cut to length at site to match exact piping lengths without any complicated design considerations. PowerHeat AHT can, in most cases, replace MI cables. Series resistance Mi circuits must be specifically designed for a particular pipe length and cannot be modified to suit site changes.

PowerHeat AHT is approved for use in non-hazardous, and hazardous areas to world wide standards.

PowerHeat AHT is jacketted in a continuous aluminium extrusion for maximum mechanical strength. The aluminium jacket allows the cable to be formed around valves, pumps and instruments.


  • Maximum temperature of 797°F
  • High temperature resistance
  • Can be cut to required length
  • Simple and easy installation

Technical Data

  • Maximum Withstand Temperature – 425°C
  • Maximum Energised Temperature – 340°C
  • Cable Dimensions – 10.0 x 7.0 mm