Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable

Self-Regulating Heat Cable is commonly used for freeze protection of water and drain lines, and for protecting residential and commercial roofs and gutters from ice dams. For freeze protection, you will want a low to medium temperature, self-regulating, heat trace cable. The temperature rating is for the heat cable's outer jacket and has nothing to do with the actual temperature of the cable. For most residential applications, you will choose the low temperature cable, as most water lines in the home never exceed 150 degrees. We stock cable by the foot and everything you need for installation, or you can buy complete kits for your roof and gutter projects. Pre-terminated cables are also available for sections of pipe up to 100 feet long.

Need help selecting the correct self-regulating heat cable? 

  • Low Temp (Outer jacket rated to 150F)
  • Heat Trace Cable For Hazardous Locations
  • Mid Temp (Outer jacket rated to 250F)
  • High Temp (Outer jacket rated to 375F)
  • Ultra High Temp (Outer jacket rated to 392F)
  • Ultra High Temp (Outer jacket rated to 480F)
  • SLCAB Low Temp Connection Kits - FM Approved
  • SLMCAB Mid Temp Connection Kits - FM Approved
  • Ultra Max High Temp Connection Kit