Melt Pressure Accessories

When using quality-measuring equipment you will want to ensure the unit, you are mounting it to be clean and free from debris to ensure an accurate measurement. These Melt Pressure Transducer/Transmitter Cleaning Kits do exactly that. They come complete with a Thread Cleaner, Tip Cleaner, and Thread Gauge.

The Melt Pressure/Transducer Drill Kit includes a Reamer, 2 standard drill bits, Bottom Tap, and a thread tap in various industry sizes.

The Transducer Hole Plugs are quality built and come in 3 standard configurations to seal up a hole in the Transducer.

Our Melt Pressure Transducer Tip Spacers are used to recess the Transducer Tip from the inner barrel wall. They come in 5 standard sizes, and we guarantee their accuracy.

These Melt Pressure Transducer Hole Adaptors allow a standard ½-20UNF Transducer/Transmitter to be used in a metric M18x1.5 sized mounting hole, increasing the versatility of our instruments.

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