Melt Pressure Transducers

Melt Pressure Transducers are interchangeable with competitor's models.
High Accuracy Transducer is rated at 0.5% / 0.25% combined error with a maximum temperature rating of 750 degrees F (400 C). They offer superb accuracy unparalleled by similar competitor's models.
Narrow Space Transducer comes with a flexible capillary with a stainless armor coating for use in narrow spaces and provides excellent thermal isolation for the most accurate readings of any on the market.
Compact Series is an excellent choice in transducer when space is limited. At a mere 6.2 inches it provides high-accuracy and high durability for measuring and controlling the most challenging situations.
The MR-Pushrod-No Fill Series of Transducer uses a Push-Rod instead of a Fluid Fill giving this Transducer a Food Grade rating with a higher operating temperature range of 1000 degrees F (538 C) yet still maintains a 0.5%/0.25% combined error.
For a Fluid Filled Transducer designed for higher operating temperatures you will want our MK-NaK Fill Food Grade Series that has a peak operating temperature of 1000 degrees F (538 C). This model still maintains accuracy of 0.5% / 0.25% combined error in a Fluid Filled model.

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