Mechanical Melt Pressure Gauges

Mechanical Melt Pressure Gauges are the ideal choice for situations that require a reliable, simple, and maintenance-free pressure indication. You can have quick and accurate readings with no power required. The large, 4.4-inch dial is easy to read from a distance and rotates a full 270 degrees for viewing from virtually any angle.

These gauges are temperature rated to 750 degrees F (400 C). The ranges vary from 5000 - 10000 PSI and have an accuracy of 3%. They come with a standard 6" stem and 30" hose combined with a standard thread (1/2-20UNF) to couple with your equipment.

Optional features include a mercury free design, 12" stem with a 60" flex hose (MPG200, MPGJ), and a handy, Hastelloy, Triple Wear Tip made from a Diamond Particulate.

The standard Temperature Sensor that comes with this unit is a J (MPGJ) model with an optional K, PT100 Temperature Sensor.

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