Melt Pressure Indicators / Alarms

For quality Melt Pressure Transducer Indicators with features you need, look at the MP Series of Indicators. They come in 2 styles, either the MP9410, which features a 1/8DIN, or the MP9610, which features a 1/4DIN. Both feature 350 ohm Strain Gauge Input, Scalable Range, 2 configurable, 3 position alarms, Auto/Manual Calibration with Manual Zero Lockout, and feature Process Value RETRANS. These indicators are low cost, high value indicators designed for long service in demanding situations.

If you need a Dual Melt Pressure and Temperature Indicator, the MPT9610 is ideal. It has all the features of our other 2 models but also a T/C J Temperature Input and 3 alarms for accurate monitoring.

The MG-IND Digital Melt Pressure Meter can be attached to any Strain Gauge Transducer and features a large 5-digit display with 0.8" readout. The 2 LED Bar Graphs monitor Process and Set Value and are easy to read, even at a distance. The MG-IND also features PV Retransmission (4-20mA) and a manual ZERO.

The MT-IND 4-20mA Loop Powered Display features a large (0.28") 4 digit display, Input from 4-20mA and Programmable Scaling. Power comes from 4-20mA Loop Power and has a 4 Pin Connector.

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