Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Heat Trace Cable

heat trace control panels

Heat trace cables provide heat to maintain the temperatures of pipe contents for the purposes of freeze protection or to maintain a specific process temperature range. They come in a self-regulating and constant-wattage versions. Heating cable is ideal for long runs along pipes and vessels and can be cut to length at the job site.

Heated cable is capable of reaching 500°F and meets NEC 427-23 and IEEE Std 515-2004.

Heat cable is different than heat tape, so be sure to confirm you are ordering the correct product for your application. We offer a great selection of heat tape that is much more flexible and provides a more rapid thermal response.

  • Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cable
  • Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable
  • Pre-Terminated Self-Regulated Heat Cable
  • Pre-Terminated Self-Regulated Industrial Heat Cable
  • UL Approved Roof & Gutter Cable
  • PVC & PEX Pipe - Heat Trace Cable
  • 12 & 24 Volt Self-Regulating Cable
  • Hot Water Maintenance & Sprinkler Cable
  • Snow Melting Mats & Controllers
  • Heat Trace Cable Accessories