Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cable

Constant Wattage Heating Cable provides precise and constant temperatures up to 500ºF. Heat cable can be cut-to-length in the field and is ideally used for long runs. The different variations satisfy a wide range of applications.


Need help selecting the correct constant-wattage heat cable? 

  • General Purpose - FE
  • Harsh Environment Cable - KE
  • Polyimide and Fiberglass - KM
  • High Temperature Heat Cable - KK
  • Ultra High Temp Cable (to 545F)
  • Max Temp Cable (to 797F)
  • FE Connection/Termination Kits
  • KE, KM, KK Connection/Termination Kits
  • Ultra High Temp Connection Kits
  • ThermoSoft Ultra Flexible Heat Cable