Aluminum Band Heaters

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Aluminum band heaters use a tubular heating element to provide excellent heat transfer and resistance to contamination. Its aluminum body allows for better conformity to slightly irregular diameters.

The tubular elements are placed in a precisely extruded aluminum base. This aluminum base is normally sectioned to ensure a positive contact with the object being heated. The aluminum body also serves as an excellent transfer medium for rapid heat-up while providing a uniform temperature throughout the entire band.

Some applications require both heating and cooling. With the advent of exothermic materials and heat generated by screw rotation, our aluminum band heater was adapted to provide both heating and cooling functions. Cooling tubes are placed in proximity to the heating elements to produce the Heat/Cool band. Due to its low mass, it can be cooled relatively quickly.

Aluminum band heater example
Aluminum band heater size chart


  • Resistant to contamination
  • Durable tubular heating element
  • Aluminum extrusion allows for even heat distribution
  • Precision wound resistance wire
  • Straight threaded terminals are normally supplied on all Permaheat heaters


Aluminum band heaters can be used in many different situations, including heating barrels of extrusion and injection molding machines, especially in areas where contamination is possible.

  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Extruders
  • Blown Film

In addition, aluminum band heaters can be modified to meet the demands of virtually any special application. Our engineers can utilize a variety of alternative features and options to customize the heater to your specific needs.

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