Splice Kit for FECAB Heating Cable

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Splice kit for FECAB constant wattage heating cable. Enough to complete one in-line splice or one tee splice, three lead terminations and one end termination. Requires, but not included, single hub junction box, pipe standoff and pipe straps for installation.

FE Series Splice Kit for General Purpose Constant Wattage Heat Cable

This Kit can only be used with General Purpose FE Constant Wattage Heat Cable.
Each kit can complete: 1 in-line splice or 1 tee splice.

Kit Includes:

  • Qty 3: Ring Terminals
  • Qty 3: Crimp Barrels
  • Qty 3: Lead Pouches
  • Qty 1: End Pouch
  • Qty 1: Caution Label
  • Qty 3: Shrink Tubes
  • Qty 1: 3 oz. tube of RTV Sealant

NOTE: Requires pipe standoff, pipe straps and single hub junction box. NOT Included!

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