Standard Gas Cylinder Warmers

Gas Cylinder Warmer Product Highlights

  • Improves Process Control and Reduces Wasted Gas that has Condensed
    • Creates convection current
    • Increases pressure inside cylinder
  • Full Surface Coverage with Insulation Reduces Heat Loss
  • Fits Most Gas Cylinders
  • Models for Hazardous Locations


  • Self-regulating grounded heating element
  • Total watts: up to 150
  • 150ºF (66ºC) maximum exposure temperature on heating surface
  • Gases known to benefit from this process:
    • SF 6, Propane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, BCI 3, WF 6, HF
  • Insulation Thickness
    • Sides: 2.0" (51mm)
    • Top: 0.5" (13mm)
  • Ambient temperature range: 30ºF to 95ºF (-1ºC to 35ºC)
  • Closure: hook and loop fastener like VELCRO®
  • Moisture and oil resistant; also capable of being used outdoors
  • Power lead length: 10 feet (3m)
  • Optional cylinder base insulation pad and valve cover to further reduce heat loss
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