Industrial & Process Heating Elements

Grounded Silicone Rubber Heat Tape

The flexible design and high temperature capability of Grounded Silicone Rubber Heating Tapes provide an ideal heating tape solution for both flat and/or curved surface heating. Heating tapes can be used on any surface or body requiring fast and efficient direct contact heating, up to temperatures of 1400°F (760°C).

  • Grounded silicone rubber heating tape with maximum exposure temperatures up to 450°F (232°C).
  • Multi-stranded grounded resistance wire heating element provides exceptional flexibility and durability.
  • Silicone rubber heating tape is moisture and chemical resistant.
  • Polyimide wrapped heating element provides increased dielectric insulation for added safety.
  • Rapid thermal response provides accurate heat when you need it.
  • Available in a variety of length configurations.
  • Ideal for laboratory heating applications for apparatus, gas tubing, temporary heat, valves, and more.
  • Safe for use with glass and electrically conductive metal surfaces.

Temperature controller required