Ultra High Temp (Outer jacket rated to 480F)

Extremely high temperature self-regulating heating cable, having an exposure limit of 250ºC, energised or not.

Easy terminations, cut-to-length.

Safest ever self-regulating product range for extremely high temperature exposure; will not overheat even when exposed to 250ºC when energised or switched off as it is inherently temperature-safe.

ATEX and IECEx Approved.

The inherent ability to self-regulate at a temperature level below the maximum product rating and withstand temperature of the insulating materials, without the need for temperature control.

Similar competitor self-regulating products are typically limited to a maximum energised temperature, typically 120ºC at which point, their retained power output prevent the cable from selfregulating at its own limiting temperatures. All such products require temperature control to ensure their own temperature safety.

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