Snow Melt Mat 240V, 3' x 10', 30 sq.ft., 6.3A

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Snow Melt Mat 240V, 3' x 10', 30 sq.ft., 6.3A
Snow melting mats safely and efficiently melt snow and ice from walkways, stoops, patios, and driveways. These 3.0 feet X 10.0 feet 240V snow melting mats provide 30.0 sq.ft. of coverage. They feature a sturdy, corrosion-resistant, twin-conductor heating element affixed in a serpentine pattern to a polypropylene mesh backing, allowing for easy installation and even distribution of heat in asphalt, concrete or (mortar underneath) paver surfaces. Equipped with a 20-foot (6m) cold lead, snow melting mats generate 50 watts per square foot for dependable and efficient snow melting performance and are CSA certified for outdoor use in Canadian and U.S. markets.
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