Split Sheath Cartridge Heaters

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Split-sheath cartridge heating element

Expandable, split-sheath cartridge heaters solve two major problems with conventional high density heaters; poor durability and proper fit extraction, improving the accuracy of the temperature with hundreds of attachments and exits for all kind of processes.

With split-sheath cartridge heaters, we join for the first time the best of the common cartridge heater with cartridge and an adaptive tuning quick and easy removal.

Expandable heaters consist of a compressed cartridge heater with high performance and are made with the best materials with the particliarity of being able to expand itself because of the fork-shaped tensioned in a point that allows the expansion and retraction of the cartridge. Split sheath cartridge heated
At the contraction process the Expandable Heaters returns to its original shape, helping for easy removal of the bore, with the subsequent advantages like not having to drill the mold, reuse them in other locations, reduction of stock since it will have the same diameter for different bores, etc. Split sheath element after cooling

In the expansion process, the expandable cartridge fits the walls of the bore, providing the correct transfer of the temperature, and avoiding the “oven effect” that occurs in other types of cartridge poorly dimensioned with respect to diameter and room. The drills that for any other circumstances are oversized have the best solution to allow more adjustment tolerance.

Long Lengths

Expandable heaters will not bend, this is the main problem with conventional cartridges, due to the shape of their tubes which main function is to reinforce the structure of longitudinal expansion, helping for their removal by expanding equally throughout the perimeter, heat transfer will be uniform avoiding the creation of curvatures which produce cavities resliting overheat breaking the heater.

The extraction, faster and easier even in long lengths.

Expandable heaters, due to their unique construction, allow the easy removal when the cartridge is cold saving time and considerable effort, minimizing human resources and the time the machine is in use. Needs no adjustment paste and you will not have to drill, destroy or undertake the costly operations to remove the cartridge, you can quickly use the Expandable Heaters in other molds needing heating.

Inserted split-sheath element Inserted split sheath heating element Removing a split-sheath element

Please note that you must provide us with exact hole diameter in order to start EXPAN production with the right tolerance. It is important to get harmony between the hole and heating element for a perfect working. Tolerance for EXPAN heaters -0.0039’’ / -0.006’’. For example, if the hole you will insert the EXPAN element is Ø 1/2’’ we will produce the split elements between 0.496’’ - 0.494’’. You must inform us about the exact. Diameter for the hole you will place the heater and we will produce with the right tolerance.

Advantage over common cartridge heaters

  • Longer life
  • Faster and easier extraction
  • More length without bending
  • More hole tolerance
  • Heated ends

Advantage over split heaters

  • The only cartridge heater on the market that heats along the complete length.
  • Compressed version.
  • Flexible leads from inside.
  • Built in Thermocouple.
Comparing split-sheath cartridge heaters
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