Adjustable Tote Heater 48" Height 240v 2880w

Adjustable Tote Heater 48" Height 240v 2880w


  • Speed up the flow of slow-moving and uncooperative contents such as oil, honey, molasses, etc.
  • Designed for caged, plastic or metal tote tanks/IBC's)
  • Non-evasive- won't contaminate or scorch your product
  • Two separate heat zones allows you to adjust heat output when content levels are low


  • Full coverage plug-n-play system
  • Fits any tote tank width from 40" x 40" to 48" x 48". Adjustable nylon straps for a custom fit
  • Height: 48"
  • Two separate heat zones (top and bottom)
  • Adjustable thermostat from 50 to 160ºF
  • Built-in manual reset high-limit safety thermostat set at 195ºF for each heat zone
  • Silicone infused cloth facing and liner
  • 1/4" fiberglass insulation
  • "Mouse hole" designed for spigot
  • Patented ground for your safety meets NEC 427.23
  • 6 ft. power cord with standard 3-prong power plug
  • Optional top cover (reduces heat loss, increases heat-up time)
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